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Lacq has many advantages which help ensure a successful establishment of your business

A culture of safety and risk control

Setting up in the Lacq Industrial Park means experiencing the benefits of a favourable environment with high acceptance from the local population concerning industrial risk. We have a proven track record of knowledge of risk prevention.

A professional industrial fire-fighting emergency service has been set up, as well as a special infrastructure for safety training.

A scientific environment conducive to development

Between research and development, all the manufacturers at the Lacq Industrial Park benefit from a privileged scientific environment. International manufacturing companies cohabit harmoniously with researchers, particularly at the Lacq Research Group (GRL).

The manufacturers at the Park also have close links with the University of Pau and the Pays de l’Adour, and also with the nearby Universities of Bordeaux and Toulouse.

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Port de Bayonne

Training adapted to the recruitment needs of the manufacturers and service providers

Schools situated in the zone around the Lacq Industrial Park: 8 secondary schools, 2 technical colleges, 3 vocational colleges representing a population of almost 6000 pupils.

The University of Pau and the Adour has just launched a degree programme in PSC, polymers, advanced composites and industrial safety.

A permanent training facility for adults completes the training offer in the form of qualifying modules adapted to the demands of the profession, or yearly qualifications (CAP – a vocational diploma, and a vocational baccalaureate course in Chemicals and processing industries, which takes on 40 students per year).

APAVE vocational training at the Lacq training centre contributes to the increase in skills concerning risk control with 270,000 students trained per year.

Shared services to drive down costs

This in one of the main strengths of the Lacq Industrial Park: all the manufacturers on the 4 platforms share resources. Electricity, utilities, control and monitoring centre, secure access: the sharing of all these services means a significant reduction in costs. Furthermore, small units can therefore gain access to the infrastructures of a large manufacturing platform. This is a major feature of the tradition of cooperation, exchange and partnership which exists between all the players at the Lacq Park.

Great diversity of raw materials available. A fully integrated sustainable development approach

The manufacturers have committed to a waste reduction policy and an advanced concept of circular economy. Each year, a large portion of industrial investment is given over to safety and the environment. Joint actions on energy saving and protection of the environment are regularly organised by the local population.

The chemical terminal at the Port of Bayonne

The sulphur terminal at the Port of Bayonne was created in 1957, in order to respond to the need to transport sulphur and crude oil.

Nowadays, the storage centre for chemical products at the Port of Bayonne allows the reception of raw materials and the transport of finished products. To link the platforms at the Industrial Park with the Port, rail and pipeline links are in place.