Photos aérienne de Chemparc



The CHEMPARC public-private partnership aims to give an economic boost to the Lacq Industrial Park by allowing all the operators on the site to share global orientation, strategic development axes and priority action programmes.

CHEMPARC’s mission, delegated by all its partners, consists of promoting an internationally renowned industrial and chemical cluster in the south Aquitaine region. By acting as a territorial and network coordinator, its purpose is to regroup the Lacq industrial park, which is linked to the port of Bayonne, with an engineering pole (research and technology transfer) which is centred on Pau, and also with other various sites and operators in the Aquitaine region.

To fulfil their mission, CHEMPARC is developing its exploration of new markets, identifying new projects and accompanying potential investors in the planning and realisation phases of setting up their business.

Its great strength: The CHEMPARC public-private partnership is capable of studying projects within a tight deadline and mobilising aid necessary for bringing manufacturing projects to fruition.

Photo Chemparc en situation
Photo Chemparc Installation
Photo Chemparc devant écran